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RawSlang is a high-energy cover band that shapes songs to its own musical strengths: instrumentality in the solo guitar, the standout drumming, and layered keyboarding. Listeners know it’s rock ‘n’ roll as the band rolls out familiar tunes by artists from Ray LaMontagne to Bob Marley, Bruce Hornsby to The Beatles, Allman Brothers to the Wood Brothers, with an energy that is its own. RawSlang delivers live music for those who want to see and feel music being made. RawSlang also reunites both Ross & Lange who shared 4 years together in Still Life, a jam band in the early 2000s, before Lange went to pursue his music career in Ft. Collins.
Joshua, a Mindenite has returned to the area after spending 14 years as the lead guitar player for a 9-piece funk band in Fort Collins called Futaba. Lange has been singing and playing guitar for over 20 years.
Ross, the percussionist, has also played...for a very long time, let’s just say. Ross, a Kearney native, was the jazz band drummer for Nebraska Wesleyan, then took a hiatus from the drums to follow his career as an employment consultant. He’s been the drummer for many Crane River events, local praise bands and various other musical situations with Still Life, The Hacks, and Lead Me Home.