Kearney Area Arts Council

Make it, see it, be it, play it, be it: PARTICIPATE

Support Local Arts!

Are you an art-enthusiast looking for a way to support local arts in our community?

There are many ways you can help!


There are endless ways, both great and small that you can volunteer! The Kearney Area Arts Council is always looking for a few extra hands with every major program it presents. From setting up chairs, restocking concessions, and hanging banners, to wiping paint off children’s hands (and sometimes faces), you can find the level of involvement that is right for you!

Or, if you have the idea and the ambition, you can volunteer by organizing an entirely new program for the Kearney Area Arts Council! Is there something in our community you want to see more of? An independent film festival or more venues for emerging musicians? Perhaps more community photography classes? Even if you do not have any experience with how to create and organize an event like this, with time, passion, commitment, and the help of the Board, you can bring a new experience to your community!

If you are interested in being added to a volunteer call list, volunteering to help in a specific program, or are interested in attending a meeting to see if board membership is your next rewarding adventure, please contact us.

Make it, See it, Play it, Be it: Participate!

If you are a local art enthusiast or art-loving business who would like to see more art made available in your community, please consider donating to the Kearney Area Arts Council. There are many levels at which you can give. You may give a general donation or give to a specific event. You donation will directly fund the artists and supplies needed to make these events happen. The Kearney Area Arts Council is a not-for-profit, largely volunteer organization. Our sole interest is in enriching our community through the arts. As a donor, please know that it is your support, which enables these programs to exist. Without your generosity, these programs could not take place. If you are interested in giving a donation, please download our donation form, print it and mail it to us at:

Kearney Area Arts Council
P.O. Box 842
Kearney, NE 68848

Thank you for making arts happen!


Do your legislators know how important the arts are to you, your family, your neighbors and your community? You can make sure they know by advocating for the arts! It’s easy to stay well informed about current local and national arts legislation, and even easier to contact your legislators with the help of arts organizations like Nebraskans for the Arts and Americans for the Arts. Visit their websites at or today, and see what a difference you can make! Make it, see it, play it, be it: Advocate!