Concerts in the Park Band Selection

The Kearney Area Arts Council bases band selection on several criteria which can include but is not limited to: quality of music, professionalism of band members and or band management, stage presence, availability, affordability. The board strives to provide variety of genres while still appealing to a broad family friendly audience.
All bands that have played in previous Concert in the Park Series are continually eligible to be invited for future Concert in the Park Series.
Bands that have not previously performed for Concert in the Park can become eligible for selection by contacting the Kearney Area Arts Council and making a submission through email or mail. Band submissions can be made by a band member or third party individual that is not associated with the band they are submitting. All band submissions should include: a list of the band members and short description of the genre/style/songs that the band plays. A band submission via email must include an audio recording or link to an audio recording of the band playing. A band submission via posted mail must include a cd of the band playing or another physical device with audio recording of the band. Anything submitted to the Kearney Area Arts Council will not be returned.
Any active board member of the Kearney Area Arts Council is also able to submit bands for the board’s consideration for future Concert in the Park Series.
Band Submissions can continuously be received by the Kearney Area Arts Council but the board requests submissions be received by December 31 of year prior to be considered for the upcoming season.


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